mölkky ligue 2022 


April - September 2022

Registration: info@molkky.sk until 30.3.2022

Current number of registered teams :  8

Start of the competition:  April

League duration within the league (match 2 teams): approx. 120-150 minutes

League game system:  one on one and then a playoff (where everyone advances).
Each team always plays one round within a calendar month.

In a given round, 2 teams face each other at a time and place they agree. The time and place is suggested by the home team (first one in the match).
More info at
  document with rules

You must bring a printed Minutes for the BTS Mölkky League to the match

Note: please print all 2 sheets (sheet is per court)

League capacity: 6 teams and more

Number of players in the team: 3 - 6 players


Location:  The place of the match is determined by the competing teams in the league as mutually agreed.

The place is determined by the visiting team.
E.g. Národný Guľodrom (petanque court) / Kuchajda (petanque court) or other petanque courts / grass areas.

The result of the match signed by both teams and scanned / photographed must be sent to the e-mail after the match  - info@molkky.sk - Stanislav Ivan [+421 944 240 700]  

for evaluation and placement in the final playoffs


Team registration fee : EUR 25

Necessary equipment of each team: 2 sets of game Mölkky

Playing area:  anything other than asphalt and concrete  

Event organizers:
      - Slovak Mölkka Association,  PROMÖLKKY and ŠK Guľový Blesk

Prices:  medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and cup for the team for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

We look forward to meeting you  

Organizational team of the Bratislava Mölka League 2022

                 since 2008